Three girls under the window spun late in the evening

Women and girls in Russia have always been needlework: embroidered, knit, spun and wove, sewed dowry... And always with a practical activity hand in hand was a decorative component. To blouse for the favorite was not only warm and durable but beautiful, girl long evenings under the dim torch embroidered on her patterns. There is no need to decorate with ornaments men's and women's shirts sewn from a sun-bleached self-sewed cloth. However, nowadays young girls follow senior again knit a lace doily, embroider the cross-stitch embroidery paintings and icons, do beading and floristry.
One of the fashion trends in the decorative work is quilling. In English the word means "bird feather". Quilling is the art of making paper of different crafts, songs including flowers.


In fact, flowers is a branch of botany that studies and describes the flora of the planet or its separate area. The second meaning of the word Floristics is the name of one of the varieties of decorative art – art of bouquets ("flora" in translation from Latin means flower). This simple decoration of flowers, other plant parts of human living space. Floristry is an ancient art, which has in each country, its history, traditions, experience, own original tastes and selection of plants. In addition to direct flowers and stems in floral design can not do without additional auxiliary materials.

Floral tape

Floral tape – this tape is wide, typically 13 mm in waxed paper or synthetic base, rolled in a coil. It looks like colored duct tape, besides tape (her second name) has a slight adhesive effect.
The name "floral" indicates the most common area of its application. There is also a floral wire for different diameter stems, floral moss. All of this is widely used in quilling.

Floral tape is used for wrapping of wooden or wire stems in paper flowers, and in the production of buttonholes of flowers. Originally produced only brown and green colors, today it comes in diverse colours.