You will need
  • - receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - certificate of marital status;
  • - passports.
Select the day that are going to sign, and come to the registry office a month or two before the expected date. Pre-call to the institution to ensure that the organization operates, carries out reception of statements. To clarify, when accept applications on the desired number.
Take to the Registrar a receipt for payment of the state fee. Look at the website of the institution, perhaps it is in electronic form, then download it, print it and go to the Bank for payment. Either get a receipt at the Bank, specifying the details of the Registrar in which are going to sign.
Go to the Registrar together with her future husband and write a statement about marriage. Don't forget to take a receipt for payment of the state fee. The Registrar will be required to show it and your passport. When the data specified in the statement will be verified with the documents, you will appoint date of marriage.
On the appointed day and time come to the Registrar's office. Try to arrive in advance to take the time to do everything. You can bring a few guests that will wait on the street and congratulate you after painting. Not solemn registration is not in the room and simple office. The staff of the authority will ask your consent to become husband and wife and will be given the documents that you signed. After that you will receive the certificate of marriage. The exchange of rings, kiss each other and enjoy married life.
By law, between the date of application and registration should pass not less month. In some cases this time can be reduced, for example, pregnancy or a serious illness. Please submit the appropriate certificate from the antenatal clinic or hospital, where there are, and assign a date in the near future.