To resemble a Japanese girl, try to control your emotions. It is not necessary to show others what you have in mind. Try to create a harmonious image.
If you decide to try on the image of Japanese women, learn to feel loved, desirable. Don't let the gloom and bad feelings control you. Realize that your presence will make this world a happier place.
The image of Japanese women means of external inaccessibility and coldness. To recreate this image will help you a special makeup.
First, clear your skin. To do this you need a cotton ball (tampon) and facial toner. Wipe the skin, removing impurities and excess oil. This way, you will achieve a matte surface.
Apply a light concealer under the eyes and on the cheekbones. This will achieve visual increase in these areas. Powder face light powder. The base make-up ready.
Adjust the size of the lips using a matte pencil in a dark wash. This will perfectly suit the color Burgundy, mocha or dark red. Remember: the main difference between the makeup of the Japanese – thin lips. The lipstick also apply a matte, dark tones. In any case, do not use lip gloss.
With black or dark brown pencil to highlight the eyebrows. They should be direct, clear, close to each other. Eyes slightly touch up mascara. Emphasize the cheekbones a little peach blush.
When creating the image of Japanese women do not forget the hair. They should be dark and straight. No curls and waves of your locks is not allowed. If you are the owner of blond hair, use a wig. Also don't forget to decorate the hairstyle with flowers, is a distinctive feature of Japanese women.
Of course, don't forget about the clothing. The main dress of the Japanese kimono. He is the best accentuates your look. Be sure to choose shoes with flat soles.