Check the condition of your skin. Eat right, lead a healthy lifestyle, move more. Replace ordinary soap, anti-cellulite, which includes caffeine and herbal extracts of peppers, and ivy. Several times a week to do a honey massage. Be sure to use different masks for the body. You can cook yourself at home or buy in any cosmetic store. The skin becomes elastic, wipe it with ice cubes from milk or decoction of chamomile. Use a variety of anti-cellulite cream-gel for the correction.
Your hair also need daily care and attention. Choose shampoo exclusively for your type, and be sure to use the air conditioning. Don't forget that home and beauty hair mask should become your permanent assistant. They solve the problem of nutrition and hydration of hair, change their structure, make hair color more vibrant and add Shine.
Nail care should be permanent. Daily RUB into the skin around the nail oil or cream, do different baths. Take vitamins designed to strengthen nails. Include in your diet cheese, milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C, seafood.
Don't forget that your smile must always be sincere and heartfelt. Watch your teeth, visit your dentist in a timely manner.
Work out. Be sure to swing by the press, spin the Hoop. Several times a week, attend the gym and pool. Remember that you can always a stunning result does not come in the short term, especially when it comes to model appearance. So, getting to the sport, be patient and consistent.