Wake up the girl with kisses. Choose the most sensitive areas of the body, to awaken even more enjoyable. For example, kiss hands, neck, face, or lips. If a girl is not very tightly in the blanket, give kisses, and other parts of the body.
Prepare your favorite Breakfast in bed. Try to keep the apartment felt a delicious smell of freshly prepared food. The girl will appreciate waking up from the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and brought in Breakfast. Try to cook what she likes, but easy enough.
Whisper girlfriend's kind words that she woke up. A quiet gentle whisper will cause a pleasant girl goosebumps, and when she wakes up, gently bite her ear.
If you know how to play a musical instrument, play for your favorite peaceful music about love. Compose own song to impress a girl an unforgettable experience. In the absence of such talents, just turn on a romantic song on the radio or on the computer.
Find a small feather out of a pillow or blanket, and lightly tickle the girl. The most sensitive spot for tickling – heel, the ears, the place behind the knee and the stomach. First, proceed carefully, only slightly touching the pen skin sleeping. After she will dismiss you, increase your perseverance until its full awakening. In the absence of feather, use the means at hand – the curls of the beloved or even your finger. Buy as a gift a girl a flower and use the petals for tickling.
If in the morning you're away from the beloved, Wake her message romantic text or poem, sent to a cell phone. Say good morning, write recognition in love and put a kissing emoticon. The girl would be nice.