Many motorists often happens such a problem that when any sound is triggered their alarm and starts a loud twang. This problem is especially acute when the morning comes to you unhappy neighbors request that you turn off your alarm. Accordingly, you apologize for the delivered inconvenience you, put the car in the garage, but nevertheless, the problem still remains unsolved. To get rid of the annoying sound of the alarm, you need to clearly follow the rules.
Find the user manual from my alarm and your car. Each brand of car alarm is different. Initially, not based on their hearing and intuition, you will be pretty hard to find the alarm in the car. However, if you sit in the car and turn on the alarm, then with a small click, you can roughly figure out where it is located. Block alarm can be located near the hood or chumki. Accordingly, the impact sensor which reacts to any sound or passerby person, usually taped near the pedals or in the same place - under the Shumka. If it is not glued in this place, as a rule, it works at the most inopportune moment.
If the alarm is triggered at each step due to the fact that it is poorly glued to the iron, it is easy to fix by gluing it in place. However, not so simple. Often aftermarket parts sell itself sensitive alarm. Therefore, the motorist must reduce its sensitivity as follows.First, as mentioned above, locate the sensor alarm. Second, check whether the installed alarm system. Sometimes it is installed under the steering wheel that can cause it to a strong sensitivity. Then adjust the sensitivity on the sensor. Be careful not to make the sensitivity less than 4-5 level - this may prevent the security functions of the car.