In 2013, app users were more than 180 million people around the world. And the number of fans, Viber is constantly growing!

Lots of people use the Internet from their mobile devices. The availability of a network is the only condition in which downloading and installing Viber, free to chat. The application can be installed on the device with the following operating systems: IOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Android.

What can you do with Viber?

The sides can call each other, send pictures, send written or voice messages. With all this on your account may not be money at all. If the Internet paid in advance or you are in a wifi zone, there are no restrictions.

The Benefits Of Viber

If you compare Viber and Skype, Viber does not need to know the username of the source, look for it and add. All contacts that are in your phone book are automatically added to Viber after installing the app. You will immediately see who of your friends, colleagues and acquaintances also use this program.

With Viber you can call and unregistered in the application, to make calls to landline numbers. These options are paid, but the price is very low relative to the market. This service is enjoyed by those who have calls from a mobile operator more.

It is also convenient to use application for those people who are out of town. With the Internet calls are free worldwide. And is not in any comparison is with the rates operators on a roaming connection!

All messages sent on Viber, have their status. For example, sent, delivered, read. This is not normal SMS.

Viber many opportunities to "add emotion" in the message. A lot of symbols and emoticons variety to your communication.