Advice 1: How to feed a Guinea pig

Animal house is not only joy and comfort, but also responsibility for a little creature that you brought up. Need to look after him, to follow hygiene and, of course, to feed all the rules. Guinea pigs at the pet store bring a smile and affection, they just wanted to stroke. Let's say you finally decided to purchase a cute animal. What should I know first? Of course, what to feed the sea pig.
How to feed a Guinea pig
The main food Guinea pigs are the seeds and plants. They contain up to 20% fiber, and fats, protein and other nutrients. As the grain feed can you advise oats, wheat. It is useful to give not only one kind of grain, and grain meats, which are eaten by the animals willingly and contains all the necessary nutrients.
For more high calorie protein food are peas, sunflower seeds, acorns and bread. But the frequent consumption of these feed the animals get fat, so should give them a couple of times a week or add to grain is not more than 15% of the total. The bread is to give white or gray, pieces of dried bread do not throw, as the animals willingly his bite and sharpen their teeth.
Grain mixes contain an insufficient amount of some important amino acids, minerals and vitamins. To improve the nutritional value of feed is important in addition to grain mixtures to give a summer - fresh greens in winter - hay, root crops, and vegetables. Guinea pigs also love young branches of willow, aspen and maple.
Pigs need more food. The amount eaten per day food can reach 70-80% of the weight, and in some cases reaches 100% or more. With the age of the animal is gaining weight, changing his need to feed. You can give the cereals, millet, beans in the form of grains and cereals. They are fed bread, crackers, cake, carrots, potatoes, fresh herbs, etc.
It is very important to observe hygiene and diet! All the food is sifted, cleaned, washed in warm water and dried in the open air. Vegetables and root crops are selected from the land and debris, then cut out the affected area, washed and milled. Hay must be viewed, removed the hay dust. To feed the sea pig you need to properly not to forget about it. Let your pet be healthy.

Advice 2 : Guinea pigs – Pets

Guinea pigs appeared in Europe in the 16th century. They were brought by the Spaniards from the American continent and since that time they have won the hearts of millions of pet lovers around the world. But not so easy was their way to it. There is evidence that, originally, Guinea pigs were grown as a conventional pig for food. Maybe that's why they are called pigs, I love them and similar.
Guinea pigs – Pets

Not very suitable to them and the epithet "of the sea." They do not live in water and require it no more other Pets. Although glass aquarium for their content to be used, but only as a terrarium.

Guinea pigs do not weigh more than 1100 grams. Males of course, females. The length of the body is 20-25 inches. This is a compact pet which is no longer found in nature. Guinea pig is a rodent.

In all the years of breeding, displayed more than 20 kinds of Guinea pigs. They differ in the color of the coat, its length and texture.

Breeding Guinea pigs is just at home as in the wild they do not live. For mating need female not younger than 2 months and a male. And Guinea pigs can breed and pairs, and in groups. But still, the content of several males in one cage faces frequent fights between them. Pregnancy in females lasts for approximately 2 months.

Guinea pigs live about 8 years, but if they are well cared for, can live to old age – to 14 years.

Guinea pigs can live in different cells. In addition to wooden. Small rodent very soon it will spoil. An essential component of cell is its spaciousness – the animal loves to run. Must be treated gently to release it into the room. Mean slow, in fact it is a very nimble animal. If the pig runs away under a Cabinet or bed, for him to have to chase. And in the courtyard and it is impossible to produce.

Pigs eat lettuce or cabbage. You can feed them hay, as it contains the necessary vitamins. Also Guinea pigs eat their own droppings. This ban is impossible. Some substances protravlivayutsya only at the second attempt.

Even feeding pigs granulated feed, which also contain all the necessary nutrients. But in a dry form.

The cage should be put trough. It is very often necessary to change the water, as the pigs quickly it becomes dirty.

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