Create a quality portfolio. Put in his best work, combining them according to certain criteria (children, weddings, nature, etc.). Try to demonstrate your own "handwriting" work: interesting camera angles, high-quality post-processing, creative composite solutions. The portfolio should be in electronic form and in the form of finished pictures.
Make a personal Internet page of the photographer. Today, many potential clients choose wizard over the Internet, browsing relevant sites. Create a full and informative portal, which could attract audience. Specify the advantages of working conditions, the availability of the Studio, possible extra services for the organization of photo shoots.
Promote the photographer via social networks. Create a group or profile, where you can invite "friends". Before sending the invitation, read the page a potential customer. Try to choose those who are interested in photography, posts on your page interesting pictures, sets as the main professional photo. However, for a quick promotion you can invite a group of almost all. Your goal in this case is to make known the name of the photographer.
Try to expand your circle of friends. Attend various events, exhibitions, concerts. Sign a contract with an Internet portal or printed publication that publishes the society pages. Gradually, the name of the photographer will become known in the appropriate circles.