Describe in simple terms who you are. Define the purpose, how should people perceive you. This way, you must develop within yourself and to convey to the masses. Keep in mind that a brand is inherent in some uniqueness. Whereby it will be attained, you must decide immediately.
Create a blog. Do not write about everything. Uncover your essence. Explain the idea to which we aspire. Show records to a stranger and ask questions to understand, clarify whether the person is your thoughts. If everything is in order, it is a blog done right.
Create profiles in social networks. Everywhere lay the road to your blog.
Ask customers to leave reviews. Every person who comes in contact with you and understands your way can play the role of the client. Place the video on the blog. The evidence should be gathered in one place.
Let the interview. Many bloggers need quality information. Interviews are always interesting. Find blogs on your topic and agree on exclusive conversation. Place a link to the interview on his blog. Carry out this work continuously revealing your idea from different angles.
Publish article. When ready is a good blog you can apply to the logs. You will be interesting as the representative of some image. Many will want to read your thoughts.
Write books. Collect previous experience in a compact form. Do books narrowly targeted. See how famous authors write about healthy food, about other issues. They are one idea, but in every book show different facets.
Organize the community. Collect followers, teach them. Collect all the questions. They will give you ideas for a blog. And start in a circle.