You will need
  • - the camera;
  • - memory card for the camera;
  • - protective filter;
  • - a tripod.
The first thing you have to do the novice photographer, to get the necessary equipment. By choosing the first camera should be taken responsibly, but do not buy the most expensive model assuming that the more expensive the camera the better the photos. Note SLR cameras of Amateur level, for example, Nikon D5000, Canon EOS 500D Kit, Sony Alpha SLT-A33. When you purchase the camera, hold it in your hands, if possible, make some pictures under artificial and natural lighting.
The list of required the photographer equipment, and accessories is not limited to the camera. At the initial stage of learning photography you will also need: a roomy memory card, protective filter, which will protect glass lens from dust and water, a comfortable camera bag. As for optics, the photographer is usually enough whale lens, but in the future you will have to buy interchangeable lenses. In addition to the above, is useful and a tripod, especially if you plan to do Studio and portrait photography.
Become a good photographer is impossible without a knowledge of the theory, so before you begin to practice, you will have to spend some time learning the basics of photography. To read them you may like enrolling in photography school and self-studying the relevant literature and lessons on the Internet. First read about these basic concepts in photography, like shutter speed, aperture, focus, exposure, white balance. In addition, learn the basics of composition, read about the choice of lighting and angle for the shot. A lot of useful information you can glean from the manual for your camera.
After reviewing the theory of photography, start to practice, in fact it makes you a true photographer. As often as possible bring the camera where ever you go, look for an interesting shot, a great angle. Try yourself in different genres of photography – portrait, group, landscape, reportage. The most successful in your opinion take shots for your portfolio, which will be useful to you when you search for the orders.
After gaining some experience, try to take pictures for money. The first customer is not easy to find, so at first, you may have to do weddings, or reports for review or a nominal sum. However, if your photos will satisfy the first customers, they will surely recommend you to their friends. In addition, you can sell photos for photostocks or to look for work as a photographer or assistant photographer. Working with more experienced colleagues, you will be able to get valuable comments and advice.