The rapid development of photography led to the fact that shoot and share their images now have almost everything. But, trying to understand the material of any site, you will see that not all pictures posted there expressive enough to give the viewer a vivid impression of the event. The photographer should be able to do just that. Looking at the picture, people need to feel like I visited the place. This can and should learn.

To begin with, it is best with a local newspaper. Local publications are constantly experiencing a shortage of photos, so the opportunity to try their hand you will have. Consult with the editor and a specialist in prepress, ask them to give you a job. Ask about requirements, story and quality. At the event, take a few photos of each episode. This is especially important if you're heading to sporting events. Sports photojournalist at times have to do several hundred shots in a row, so you can choose one for the newspaper.

Do I need to graduate? This question often arises in beginners. If the opportunity is there – the diploma to get better, it will not be superfluous. Photojournalism is taught in some major universities. At the faculty of journalism can be the Department of technology in the newspaper business, where you can get your desired specialty. Such a Department is, for example, at the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University.

For aspiring photojournalists held workshops, courses and seminars. Quite a lot of them, but it is necessary to choose with care. These classes are usually not cheap, and that is a big chance of stumbling let not a cheater, but a man who will be very basic. But such workshops are carried out, for example, the photojournalists in respectable publications. Take the time to see the major glossy magazines, reputable Newspapers and well-established Internet portals. Let's see whose pictures they post. If the master class by one of these masters – feel free to sign up and spare no expense. Learning from the real masters of their craft will pay off.

Think about what kind of photojournalism you would like to do. This may be news, reportage and documentary photojournalism. If you prefer the latest news – learn to search for events which can be interesting to tell others. A photo essay is a few pictures from the same event, and events should be disclosed from different perspectives. Documentary photojournalism is similar to documentary but covers a longer period of time.

In social networks you will find a professional community of photojournalists who labored in the different genres of this art. Join one that you like, see what pictures lay members, to draw attention to discuss. Put a few of their shots. If they criticize, do not be offended and try to understand which comments you accept and which you do not accept. Learn to be critical of their work. By the way, communities can make and develop useful contacts with people who will help to get a job in the online edition.

Learn a few programs of image processing and prepress. In many news publications appreciate the original images, but the printing has certain requirements, so that the processing skills will not be superfluous.