Offer an original range. Choose wedding dresses that are in demand, but not in the other salons. Today many brides are interested in unusual outfits, emphasizing their individuality. Expand choice, offering current styles – for example, dresses in the Empire style or the daring, figure-hugging toilets with a train.
Take care of future mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law, and bridesmaid. Select evening dresses that are suitable to the style of wedding. If the area and the capabilities of the shop allows you to think about mens suits for grooms. Consider a rental system, as well as the possibility of buying and selling of dresses, been used. This service will not only increase profits, but will be a great episode for advertising.
Consider a system of small bonuses to the guests. To major purchase make gifts – mostly bouquets, Bridal garter, bottle of champagne. Equip a small corner for relaxation and conversation. Offer visitors coffee or tea, give them the opportunity to take pictures of your chosen dress. Don't be afraid of competition and the fact that someone can copy your ideas. Suspecting everyone who entered, you are depriving yourself of the confidence of the customers.
Do not get carried away by discounts. They bring losses to all the customers with suspicion perceive the product is too cheap, waiting similar offers hidden catch. Put your emphasis on reasonable prices, comprehensive offer and excellent service.
Attract to cooperation wedding designers. They can collect ready-made kits for popular themed weddings today. For example, for celebration in the antique style the newlywed is possible to provide not only the perfect outfits for the main participants of the holiday, and decorations and table, wedding arches, boutonnieres, gift bottles, and other paraphernalia. A large part of the range can be offered to rent.
Make a list of famous wedding photographers, agencies and presenters. Offer them a mutually beneficial cooperation – a small percentage of the purchases of the customers for their recommendations.
Very interesting could be the cooperation with the hotels. Wedding dinners – a major source of their income. Consider a joint action – for example, the bride, bought the most expensive dress or the full set offered by salon services, receives a certificate for a romantic weekend in one of the rooms of the hotel.
Seriously do some advertising and promotion. Think beyond offers advertising agents – they are expensive and ineffective. Look for the original path. Actively communicate on the discussion forums, please register in blogs and wedding websites. Do not engage in direct advertising. Just at every opportunity in detail tell about the salon, products, bonuses and gifts. Be open, welcoming, and adequately react to criticism.