You will need
  • - spokes number 3 and 3.5;
  • yarn.
Before knitting the product, be sure to link the sample, as this will help to carry out the calculations to correct number of loops. Knitting start with the belt. Dial on circular needles 160 loops and knit facial loops 8 rows. 9 a number provarite according to the scheme: *1 yo, 2 stitches together face*. 10-16 rows provarite only the front loops. The result is a drawstring for pants, which after the end of the knitting insert the elastic.
Now continue to knit directly pants. 1 row work in pattern: *1 front loop, 1 loop purl*. Next row knit so where should be the front loop and knit the front, but not stretch the thread into the loop, and at the same time and in it and under it – in the loop of the previous row. The reverse loop promazyvaya in the usual way. In the next circular row of front loop traditionally knit and purl do a little differently. To do this, pull the thread from the reverse loop, and at the same time through it and the loop of the previous row. Continue alternating series with such an unusual way of knitting. The result is not just a traditional elastic band 1 x 1, and beautiful, resembling factory-made, smooth grooves in the form of braids.
Continue until, until it comes to the leg. Divide the total number of loops in half, that is 80 loops and one part later on additional spokes (or fishing line). The second part continue knitting on the same principle. After working with the leg you selected on the bottom edge, do the same steps as with the drawstring on the waist, but with fewer rows. That is provarite 4 number of facial loops, and then according to the scheme: *1 yo, 2 stitches together face*. 5-8 rows of knit facial loops. Close the loop.
Follow the same procedure with the second leg. After completion of the knitting follow the design of belt and bottom. In those places, which were knit in nakedy and double loops are formed by bending a beautiful teeth. So first make ACC on the waist and baste it from the inside. It is also permissible to do it on the sewing machine.
Edge of the legs also fold (as shown immediately see where the teeth are formed) and hem. In the end, you will receive the pants with perfectly smooth, almost factory viscous and beautiful teeth at waist and bottom hems. Optionally formed in the drawstring of the trousers to insert the cords.