You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - a package of documents for the subsidy.
If in your family the age of one of the spouses does not exceed 35 years, you have a job, are solvent, dream of having their own homes and plan to use one of the programs, please contact the administration at the place of residence.
You'll need to write a statement about the desire to participate in programs to produce documents, identity, certificate of employment, proof of income. Also you are required to submit a certificate of inspection of living space, a certificate of residency, certificate of marriage.
Your family income should be sufficient. When participating in the program will receive a state subsidy, which may not cover all costs. The remaining amount you have to pay your own, getting preferential mortgage loan. Banks provide loans only to creditworthy clients, but in the cumulative income of a young family may be considered income to their parents with whom they live.
Each year, the amount of granted subsidies is being revised to reflect the growth of market prices in the real estate market. The percentage of the subsidy depends on the family has young children or not, and ranges from 35 to 45% of the cost of purchased housing.
In some regions, there is a social routine. At birth each child of a young family is provided an additional subsidy of 5%.
Funds are transferred by Bank transfer to your Bank account which you are required to submit to the administration. Use the provided grant should be 6 months.
About accepting you into the program and the production queue or refusal you will be informed in writing within 30 days from the date of receipt of the documents.
Both Federal programs are in effect until 2015. To use them can anyone. The subsidy is available complete and incomplete families and young people wishing to purchase housing.