In the main menu of MS Outlook program by clicking the left mouse button click "Tools" and select "Account" or "Account email" in older versions of the program. The same item can be found in submenu "Settings" - "mail setup" - "Accounts."
In the group commands, E-mail, check the box next to "add new account..." and click "Next".
In the window "server Type", select the check box 2 – the POP3 and click Next. A window will appear "Setup Internet email", where you will have to fill in all available fields and enter some additional settings.
In the group "user Information" in the first field enter your name. In the future, the mail program will represent exactly that name that you send us a message. If you are going to communicate with representatives of other States, the name it is better to write in Latin, since some Cyrillic encodings on the side of the addressee cannot be read.
In the next field write your email address in full, in the format ваш_логин
In the "logon Information" in the field "username" enter the username of the mailbox that is specified in the address to the icon "dog". However, your email program most likely will show it automatically.
In the next field enter the password from the box on Yandex, and the checkbox below this field check the box "Remember password" if you don't want to enter it manually.
Then you have to specify the server names for incoming and outgoing mail in the appropriate group. In the "incoming mail Server (POP3)" write for outgoing mail server write, respectively,
After that, click "advanced settings", open the tab "outgoing Server" where the check box check the box to agree to authentication of the smtp server. Another box put in a box "Similar to my incoming mail server".
Here on the Advanced tab you can increase or reduce the time the server waits, use the slider in the appropriate box and choose a method of storage/destruction of copies of messages on the server. Server ports it is better to leave the specified default. Close this window by clicking OK.
The new account is set up complete. Now you can check the settings are correct. In the "validation Settings" click "Test account settings". If you did everything correctly, you will receive a test email. Otherwise, the program will tell you what settings to check again. If all the test runs completely, except for sending a test mail, nothing should be changed – you're set up correctly and can use their mailbox in full volume.