You will need
  • mail - client Outlook Express.
Start Outlook Express. Next, select the type of mail server that you have registered Inbox. Almost all modern mail servers use the POP3 Protocol.
Now you should enter your data. In the line "Your name", respectively, enter the name in the line below the email address. Then complete the section "logon Information". In the "user Name" enter the name of the email address. For example, if your address the user name is slava. Below enter the password to access the e-mail.
Then you need to fill in the section "server Information". In the upper and lower line enter the incoming server and the outgoing mail. Yandex address of the server Enter the server name based on your email address.
Go to edit profile data. If necessary, make changes to the settings.
To receive mails with your email, you should open the profile click "get mail". After some time, the email client will appear letters with email, which will be placed in the appropriate folders (Inbox, Outbox, drafts etc). To add the addresses to your address book, just in the customer menu, press "Contacts".
If you have configured Outlook Express you want to check its performance, it can be done. In the window of the mail client click the "Create message". In the "to:" line type your own email address. Then just click "Send". After a minute the menu of the mail client, click "get mail". You should get a letter sent to themselves. If the message was received, then the mail client is configured correctly.