You will need
  • - Microsoft Outlook.
Start Microsoft Outlook. Will open the initial window of the program. Click "Next". In the next window you will be prompted to configure the program to connect to the server e - mail. Select "Yes" and proceed further. In the window that appears after you can configure the settings of your account.
In this window, enter the name, e - mail and password to your mailbox, and then proceed further. Starts the network search parameters of the server. Wait for the completion of this procedure. Even on high-speed Internet connection operation may be slightly delayed. After the connection is complete, you will have your account and you will be able to configure the settings of the program.
Automatically if you fail to configure a mail client, for example, there is a notification that you should check the connection settings, you must configure the program manually. In the window enter the settings, select "Configure server settings manually". In the next window, select "Internet E-mail".
In the top row, enter name. In the line "e - mail", respectively, enter the address mail. In the line "account Type" change nothing. In the sections "Server incoming and outgoing mail" requires you to enter the server address of your e - mail. In the "User" re-enter e - mailand the string "Password", respectively, enter the password.
Then click on the "more settings" and go to the tab "outgoing Server addresses". Select the check box next to "SMTP server requires authentication" and tick the "is the same as the server for incoming mail". Click OK. Then go ahead and click "finish". The configuration process is complete. Already in the system you can configure additional options.