Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and go to "control Panel" workstation. Launch the Mail app and open the menu "tools" the top toolbar of the program window. Point to "account settings" and click on the tab "E-mail" dialog box. Click "Create" and apply the checkbox in the row "manually Configure server settings or additional server types".
Confirm your selection by pressing the "Next" button and mark the checkbox in the "Microsoft Exchange Server" in the next dialog box. Save the change by pressing the "Next" button, and type in ex01.mps.local in the field "Microsoft Exchange Server" and the name of the user account in the "user Name" in the new dialog box. Use "Other settings" and select the "Connection" in the next dialog box.
Apply a check mark in the line "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP" and click "proxy Settings of the Exchange server..." under the "Outlook anywhere". Print in field "URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange" in the section "connection Settings dialog box and select the option "basic authentication" in the drop-down list, the string "authentication Settings for proxy server".Save the made changes by pressing the OK button, and then click Next.
Type the mailbox name of the email in the opened window authorization on the server and enter your password. Confirm the details are correct, click OK, and click Finish in the last dialog box to apply the changes. After that, start Outlook and type in the login window your email address and password. Confirm entry by pressing the OK button.