To configure email on Outlook, go to the settings page of your mailbox in online mode. Find the settings that programmes to collect the mail. Most often this is dedicated to a separate page with reference information.
Open Outlook go to the tools menu and select "Account email". Check the box next to "Add new..." and click next. On the settings page Outlook mailbox, browse to and select the server type that will get letters.
In the next window, enter your individual information, username, password, personal data and specific server addresses for incoming and outgoing mail. To configure mail to Outlook without errors, copy them from the web page of the mailbox settings.
If necessary, specify other settings of the servers by clicking the appropriate button. This typically includes encryption options, connectivity and ports of the servers. The information is also online on the help page of the mailbox.
Typing in all the mail settings in Outlook, click "Test account". According to the specified parameters, the program will try to establish connections with both incoming and outgoing server addresses. The result of an attempt you will see a confirmation service message. If all settings are correct, you will now be able to use email to Outlook by keeping all e-mails on the computer's hard disk, instead of every time to go in a box online.