Advice 1: How to find out what the dream meant

The ever increasing popularity of various dream books , and esoteric sites leads people to analyze every event in his life. Interpretations help to understand yourself and the accumulated problems, sometimes offering one or another way out. But such analysis must be approached intelligently and try not to see only what you want.
How to find out what the dream meant
Remember your dream as detailed as possible. No need to get hung up on one part or person, consider all in interaction with each other. Don't look for dream books interpretation of all items that you have memorized, consider them together. Pay attention to those seemingly minor things that attracted your attention in the dream.
Abstracted from themselves, they interpret a dream. If you had close to or just a familiar person, whose behavior is uncharacteristic in real life, be sure to remember this episode. Most likely, the dream gave you the signal that you're not living right. Perhaps your behavior seems normal, but it was surprised by the unusual action of a close person should make you think.
Try to spend own associations with what you saw in your dream. For example, dream of a cat or dog if you, John, can you talk about what you need to be attentive to their loved ones. Dreamt of bosses may say that you don't treat the work with due zeal.
Remember, dreaming is a kind of reflection of your subconscious. So anything that has impressed you during sleep, but draws a parallel to your real life. For example, dream personal tragedies, death of loved ones or separation from loved ones does not mean that all this will come to pass. Perhaps you have accumulated a lot of negative emotions, you suffer from a serious problem or remorse. The subconscious then tries to alleviate your condition and relieves stress with the help of this dream.
To explain a recurring dream, write it down on paper and remember what happened the day before, and notice the next day. Lock your observations. Next time again record everything seen. After a few repetitions, analyze it, and you will understand what prevents you such a dream. By the way, the repetition of the dream may be telling that in your life there is a problem you can't solve it.
If you use to interpret dreams different dreams, do not try to learn the meaning of every detail. Treat only the most important, otherwise you can lose the overall meaning of the dream.

Advice 2 : How to interpret a dream

The interpretation of dreams – the process is addictive, which can tell a lot about a man, his thoughts, feelings and relationships with the surrounding world. Neuroscientists believe that dreams are the result of brain activity. Psychoanalysis-Freudians see dreams, fantasies, generated libido, and the followers of Jung believe that dreams contain symbolic messages, the interpretation of which is a good way to know yourself.
How to interpret a dream
The language of dreams consists of images of everyday life, which appear in dreams in a new form. These images can be explained in two ways: literal, when derived from dreams information correlated with the daily life and symbolic, in which information is "encrypted" (by means of symbols and signs). For example, seen in a dream flying means freedom and escape from everyday routine, and not a literal desire to fly.
For the interpretation of the dream is necessary to remember its main plot. Was he about home, journey, pursuit, flight, or about snakes, for example. The time when was seen the dream, indicates its significance in the real world. The closer to the waking hours he had, the more the dream reflects the problems of everyday life.
Next, analyze the place of sleep. You know it from the past or not. This will help to recognize children's problems and to reveal the essence of the present circumstances. It is also important watched you from the sidelines or been a direct participant. This will tell about the extent of your participation in this real life situation.
Check the atmosphere of the dream: whether it was bright and spacious or cramped and dark. Where exactly was the action: on land, in the water? Air symbolizes the mind, water – emotions, earth – money and wealth. For example, if you dream you are under the earth, this may mean finding a lost treasure.
The next step you need to perform dreams of people and animals. Traits of the heroes of dreams often talk about the qualities you want to develop. Animals and objects attach particular importance to these qualities. For example, the enemy may in a dream make a symbolic image of an angry bear. And bear hunting could mean that you are aware of a foe, and you are ready in a conflict situation to protect their interests.
Some of the characters and plots of dreams are universal and known around the world. Their value can be find out by looking in a dream book. For example, the loss of teeth in a dream can report about changes in life. Harassment means the desire to escape from problems, and death indicates new beginnings. But do not forget that each dream is unique and personal.
Oneirology, or the science of the study of dreams offers the easiest and most effective way of interpreting them – to record their dreams in a special diary and then analyze. Before you open your eyes, try to recreate the sleep pattern. Hold your attention on the images and sensations. Then as quickly as possible, to miss nothing, record the details of dreams and related associations.
Useful advice
Diary of dreams almost no different from a regular diary. It can also serve as a source of specific information. So a dream journal is personal. It is not necessary to give to read to anyone else.

Advice 3 : What you need to do to dream of your loved one

Separation, even short, is a test for the lovers. And want, though in a dream, to be pretty close. To do this, and there are ancient spells and rituals: rain, smoke, mirror and the moon.
To dream about a loved one, you can use ancient conspiracies. In the old days girls use them to remind yourself of his betrothed. After all, had to meet in secret from parents. Dating was rare.

For these plots don't need magical amulets and special drugs. They are very simple. But have great strength. Hold them only 2-3 times a month.

Saving the rain

In autumn the actual conspiracy in the rain. Stretch open palms towards the drops. Imagine that a loved one is near. Mentally addressing him, say, "Kapay-kapay rain. Ebaychevy cute. Let him dream, let us see. Let looks at me – do not look. Let loves me – will he still love never. Amen."

Flight of ideas

Helps and conspiracy on the smoke. But to perform the ritual, take a little straw. Or three of the old twig broom.

One straw or twig hide under the pillow. The rest is put on a metal tray and set it on fire, standing in front of an open window.

While the smoke is flowing, read the spell: "Go, smoke, to the servant of God (name of choice). To haze the wind spun and spun, so I pretty at night dreaming. Amen."

Smoke will fly away and carry the news to a dear person.

The image on the water

If there's a photo of a loved one, spend a plot to it. Put on the table a photograph. Next to a bowl of water.

Light a candle before the photo. Look at the flame through her. Compose a dream for a loved one.

Take your time, you need to come up with the details. Sleep should be a pleasant and memorable one.

Then move the view to the water. Try to see on its surface a cute image. If possible, sleep he will dream.

Water should drink. And then to say: "my Beloved (name), biding me in my sleep. I'm coming for you. Amen."

Mirror to sleep

Buy a new mirror. Small and always round. Write on it his name.

Hold mirror to mouth. The breath should touch its surface. Three times repeat the text of the conspiracy: "In the mirrored surface reflect, dream favorite are. (Name) to sleep but to rest. And my dream of seeing. Amen."

The mirror put it under the pillow. Reflective surface up. If love is strong, and zagovornye words of our hearts, our loved one will see a welcome sleep.

In the morning wash the mirror in running water. Wipe dry. Do not let others look into it. Otherwise information will be lost.

Wrap the mirror in natural fabric. And clean until the next time.


The full moon will approach the conspiracy on the moon. Look at the Orb of night. Cross over the mouth, turn to the moon with a request: "Dream about me for the servant of God (name your favorite). Amen."

Or write a conspiracy. Read it three times. Then leaf burn. Throw the ashes into the street. And go straight to bed.

Advice 4 : What dream feces

People from ancient times thought about the fact why you may dream of a particular item. Gradually there are many dream books – books are interpretations of a dream. Those who are interested in the meaning of dreams, I try to refer to them at every opportunity.
What dream feces
A dream in which the dream faeces, hardly anyone would call pleasant. But it's actually a very good sign that augurs well for the promotion and improvement of welfare.

What can dream of feces

According to experts, if a person dreams that he accidentally discovers feces, dream can mean his weakness of character and dependence on other people's opinions. This traits is to let go and learn to make decisions for themselves.

To see feces in the dream, to feel their smell – such dream may indicate the characteristics of relationships with others.
If the source of the smell is not visible and according to the rules of sleep needed to find, it can mean in the life of someone who is dreaming, trying to intervene strangers with bad advice.

If during sleep the person is doing something with faeces, for example, tries to remove it, it symbolizes his dependence on others that may appear in this dream.

What to do if having dreams about feces

You can browse horoscopes - Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus or others, to try to find out what the dream meant. Such sources may contain different interpretations about what a dream about feces (shit). But there are a few General points.

If in the dream the man says, stepping in feces or dirt in their clothes, it is a sure sign that in real life it is expected that salaries. But attempts to wipe the excrement from his body could mean an awkward position, in which the person will soon be in reality. Can open any unpleasant secret. If the dream is about the disease where you can't hold the urine or feces, it is necessary to prepare for the upcoming loss.
Dream animal feces often portend profit. But to touch it means that soon we will know about the rumors, which aim to discredit someone had a dream.

If you had feces in very large numbers, which are, for example, on the floor, this dream should be regarded as promotion, future wealth, money. Sleep, which involves the toilet, the same meaning. But if you fall in a dream in a pit latrine from the category of "outhouse", to sink in the feces, it is a sign of impending trouble.

In reality, after such a dream you should try to follow the spoken out loud words and do not commit indiscretions. To try not to fail, not counting later losses, it is better absolutely to refuse suspicious transactions hasty purchases, where it is planned to invest substantial financial means.
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