Remember your dream as detailed as possible. No need to get hung up on one part or person, consider all in interaction with each other. Don't look for dream books interpretation of all items that you have memorized, consider them together. Pay attention to those seemingly minor things that attracted your attention in the dream.
Abstracted from themselves, they interpret a dream. If you had close to or just a familiar person, whose behavior is uncharacteristic in real life, be sure to remember this episode. Most likely, the dream gave you the signal that you're not living right. Perhaps your behavior seems normal, but it was surprised by the unusual action of a close person should make you think.
Try to spend own associations with what you saw in your dream. For example, dream of a cat or dog if you, John, can you talk about what you need to be attentive to their loved ones. Dreamt of bosses may say that you don't treat the work with due zeal.
Remember, dreaming is a kind of reflection of your subconscious. So anything that has impressed you during sleep, but draws a parallel to your real life. For example, dream personal tragedies, death of loved ones or separation from loved ones does not mean that all this will come to pass. Perhaps you have accumulated a lot of negative emotions, you suffer from a serious problem or remorse. The subconscious then tries to alleviate your condition and relieves stress with the help of this dream.
To explain a recurring dream, write it down on paper and remember what happened the day before, and notice the next day. Lock your observations. Next time again record everything seen. After a few repetitions, analyze it, and you will understand what prevents you such a dream. By the way, the repetition of the dream may be telling that in your life there is a problem you can't solve it.
If you use to interpret dreams different dreams, do not try to learn the meaning of every detail. Treat only the most important, otherwise you can lose the overall meaning of the dream.