You will need
  • dream books
  • book Jung
  • intuition
Many scientists believe that sleep is the brain's response to the events of the day. Therefore, in order to decode your dream, you have vspomnite and analyze what happened to you in the afternoon.
The psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung believed that our dreams laid collective memory of all our ancestors, and not personal experiences. Therefore, in this moment, dream can warn you of some bad events. Listen to your dreams!
Today there are many dream books, many of which are on the Internet. If you want to quickly decrypt your sleep, see a book. Many commentators disagree on the interpretation of dreams. So watch a few dream books at once and compare the values.
If you are seriously concerned about repeated dreams, then it is best to turn to the professional interpreter of dreams or a psychiatrist. They will help to get rid of avadevich dreams and try to decipher your dream.
Rely more on your intuition. Sleep is the unconscious, and to describe the scientific laws is impossible. One can only try to decipher.