Take the dream book and look up the meaning of your dream in it. Note that different books may vary in how they interpret certain characters. However, there is a common set of dreams that are explained in the same way. For example, fish dreams pregnant, like the discovery of a gold ring. The loosening and loss of teeth in a dream means illness or the death of someone close to you. But if you were doing something the love in the world of dreams, means that in real life you do not have enough warmth and attention, even in the presence of a permanent partner.
If you or your child have nightmares, do not rush to imagine that something terrible will happen in life. Very often, bad dreams start due to the fact that in the dream you uncomfortable: for example, numb arm or leg, there is no place to spread on the bed. The second reason for the nightmares of psychological tensions, especially in children. So as soon as your son or daughter start to complain of bad dreams, you need to take your child to a child psychologist.
You can try to interpret your dream without the help of dream interpretation. To do this, try to remember every detail of it. Most likely, you will find that some part of the dream was bizarre interpretation of what happened with you yesterday. For example, the day you had a fight with someone, and at night you dreamed that you run away from this man. When you cut off all that your brain is processed in the sleep of the day's experiences, in balance and that may happen in the future.