You will need
  • Concealer, akvagrim yellow and blue colors, sequins, glue for glitter or hair gel, sponge for the face, cosmetic brushes of different thickness
If you look for an adult start with applying the face Foundation, which model is commonly used to hide defects of the skin. Grimiruyas top. Using a brush of medium thickness, draw the yellow curls on the forehead above the eyebrows and on the eyelids, coming on a little whiskey.
Paint some yellow swirls in between the eyebrows, conventionally, this would be the head of a butterfly. Still the same curls, draw on the nose (body of butterfly). Also yellow with a thick brush draw some swirls on the cheeks (the butterfly wings).
Wait until the yellow line will dry up, and highlight them in blue. A thin brush to swipe the blue lines with the yellow curls. To eyes not lost on the background of bright curls, accentuate them with eyeliner the right color.
The mask will be more festive if you decorate with glitter. In the Central part of the face, near the eyes and nose, place small sequins. Such sequins apply without special adhesive. If you applied with a wet brush, they will form a thick layer and will not be so hard to crumble with the mask. Large sequins, apply dots at the edges of the mask. They put on a special glue or hair gel.
Finishing touch — touch up lips and eyelashes, to make it look expressive. You can use blue colored mascara. Especially creative in this makeup look false eyelashes.