If you do not have permanent registration in creditwemom city you need to get a temporary. It is really to arrange a loanif you are registered in a region where there is a branch of the Bank.
The main requirement is the presence of continuous employment history, stable income (not less than 10 thousand rubles), the amount needed for the down payment and good credithistory Noah. Credit history is confidential information about a person, which gives an idea about the participation in creditdata operations to date. It contains information about the date, time, conditions, percentage, types, premature payments, overdue payments received credits. The story begins with the very first agreement on the design of the loan.
You have to convince the Bank to its reliability and ability to pay. The guarantors with permanent residence in the city you will be a big plus. But still no residence document review will last much longer and you can treat with extreme caution. So much easier to take a consumer loan, which can then be used, adding it to the initial payment.
Consumer credit is very convenient. Especially when you want to make an expensive purchase in the short term. Although this type of loanunit is used not only for major acquisitions. It can be used to purchase household appliances, mobile phones, food, etc. But you will have to pay quite a high percentage. This is the main disadvantage of loanand without registration.