Check the conditions of the loan in cash. Required is a permanent residence of the borrower at the location of the office of the Bank, the total experience of not less than one year, no negative credit history. The age of the borrower should not be less than 21 years, and at the close of the loan – not more than 65 years.
Download the application for a cash loan and proof of proof of income, which are posted on the website of the Bank VTB 24. On this same website is a calculator where you can calculate the amount of monthly payments depending on income, interest rate and term of the loan.
Complete the required documents. Is income certificate form the Bank to provide a certificate 2-pit. To receive a loan in the amount of 500 000 roubles at a reduced rate directly on the Bank's website by simply filling the online application form. Application for larger the amount you can apply by phone 8 800 100-24-24.
Come to the Bank office with your passport, registration document and consult a specialist in lending to individuals In the process of consideration of the application the Bank may request additional documents.
Request to the human resources Department a certified copy of the labor book or copy of employment contract if you are going to take out a loan in the amount of 500 000 rubles. If you need cash for the sum more than 750 000 required to issue the guarantee of physical persons, additional may need the documents on education, on family property. The interest rate on the loan is determined individually.
After reviewing the request, the Bank will get consumer credit a convenient way for you: cash or Bank transfer on a plastic card. Monthly annuity payments can be made at the Bank's office, using an ATM VTB 24, through the Mail of Russia, through the "Telebank". Keep in mind that the early repayment of debt, the Commission is not taken.