You will need
  • - the camera;
  • flash.
To create "fill light" in two ways: by using the automatic flash and manual flash.
To manually turn on the flash, set the beginning of the flash on the hot Shoe. In the event that used flash auto, put the device in manual mode. After this disc the calculator to set an appropriate sensitivity CCDs.
Then set the minimum flash sync speed. Then measure the illuminance of the light phase is the most photographed object and set the desired aperture value on exponere. On disk flash calculator find the value of the diaphragm, which is one step higher than installed on exponere.
If you need a stronger backlight, make the distance corresponding to the distance that is put on the diaphragm. To decrease lighting intensity, flash move away from the photographed object.
To create "fill light" using the auto flash, clip this device on the "hot Shoe" on the camera and select the appropriate options sensitivity CCDs. Then install the minimum figures, the shutter synchronization speed.
Following this measure the illuminance on the light plot and set the corresponding value on the diaphragm. Then select the desired mode with a dedicated switch. After that, the calculator on the flash, determine the required aperture value: this ensures that the correct exposure value for ambient light, and will give the possibility to adjust the value of the level of illumination of the object by the flash light.