Select the menu item settings to determine the desired shooting options. Some values are configured by default, but if necessary they can be changed in accordance with the requirements of the conditions of exposure.
If desired, display frame, which allows to check the position of the subject horizontally and vertically. The image frame is not recorded. For the best balance of the composition of the frame will place the object at the point of intersection of the control frame. If you select the "Control frame" will be shown the area that is displayed on the screen while watching a recording.
To compensate for camera shake during shooting, set the value to "On" for the parameter "Steadyshot". If you are using a tripod, the image will look natural when disabled functions. In some camera models you can zoom in up to 12 times using optical zoom; the parameter “Steadyshot” must be active.
If the camera is set or wide-angle conversion lens, make sure that the menu options are set, the appropriate lens type. Some modifications include the installation and configuration also teleconversion lens. Keep in mind that if such a lens you set a value other than Off, the flash won't work.
When portrait or group shot turn on in the settings of the recognition system. To do this, activate the function "Definition. persons." The disadvantage is that under certain shooting conditions, for example, in low light, this function may not work effectively. In such cases, disable the feature altogether.
For face detection and shutter with a smile, use the setting "Priorities. set". This will automatically set the color adjustment and focusing of the selected entities. optionally, set the camera to face recognition in adults or children.
For extra useful functional customizations carefully read the user manual for the specific model camcorder. Depending on the specific model configuration may vary from the standard set of functions.