For those who are engaged in cultivation of crops, the lesson is always there, especially from March to September. Is currently undergoing planting, maintenance and harvesting. Even alone, growing flowers and ornamental plants, to Refine the plot requires a lot of strength and energy.Working for the country, do not forget about the rest. Otherwise, to return to work you will get tired even more. You can, for example, to work in the morning and in the evening to relax with the whole family for a delicious dinner of fragrant kebabs and long conversations. And you can leave for vacation Sunday, during which guests to invite friends and have lunch under the open sky in the garden.If nearby there is a river or pond, go fishing. From catch you can cook a delicious soup and eat it in the fresh air. Even not catching anything, you'll have a great time enjoying the warm weather, silence, or, on the contrary, cheerful and friendly team. In rainy and wet weather don't have to spend time outdoors. But even here there are positive moments, such as the lack of work on the site. This time you can devote to the family, friends or private Hobbies.View your favorite movies that you never had enough free time, read an interesting book or rearrange the furniture, inventing something new. And it is possible to prepare delicious food and invite neighbors or friends to share with you the bad weather.In great company is always fun. Remember your favorite games, contests, and slide them together. In the process such fun time in the country will pass quickly and quietly. And you will feel refreshed, full of strength and energy.