Gather at the cottage outside of town with dear and loved ones means to have a great time and get a sea of emotions. In order not to be bored and not to waste time on useless things, you should think in advance what you to do.Organize field trips on bikes. If your house is near forests or meadows, you can always ride on him on two-wheeled friend. Fresh air, physical exercise, conversation with friends a couple of hours of fun.Speaking of activity, do not forget about various types of sports, like badminton, Frisbee and others.Bring a game that can be played all together. It can be cards, Twister and any other entertainment. Do not think that adults won't waste time on checkers or dominoes. The excitement will take its course, and after half an hour, all participants will join the process. Arrange a photo shoot. Take your camera with you, and the fun you provided. You can dig in old things remaining in the country, or to bring something for the entourage. Antics in front of the camera pleasure. Well, if you use a tripod, so no one is left aside. Think about how to better organize the table. A day out in the fresh air will make your stomach actively demand food. Therefore, foods should take care in advance. You can buy vegetables, various meats and fruits in order to have a picnic. And it is possible to approach this issue seriously, take the grill and the skewers all together and barbequing.Required attribute country gatherings - fire. And, of course, a General gathering wood in the forest before its cultivation. Near the fire you can continue the game, sing with a guitar or dance to the music from the speakers of the car. By the way, disco under open air is a good version of the end of the day.