Advice 1: What to do at the cottage with friends

Warm weather beckons the outdoors, for example, to the country. And in the company of friends make it even nicer. Options away there a lot. You need to choose, starting from the environment and the mood of those present.
What to do at the cottage with friends
Gather at the cottage outside of town with dear and loved ones means to have a great time and get a sea of emotions. In order not to be bored and not to waste time on useless things, you should think in advance what you to do.Organize field trips on bikes. If your house is near forests or meadows, you can always ride on him on two-wheeled friend. Fresh air, physical exercise, conversation with friends a couple of hours of fun.Speaking of activity, do not forget about various types of sports, like badminton, Frisbee and others.Bring a game that can be played all together. It can be cards, Twister and any other entertainment. Do not think that adults won't waste time on checkers or dominoes. The excitement will take its course, and after half an hour, all participants will join the process. Arrange a photo shoot. Take your camera with you, and the fun you provided. You can dig in old things remaining in the country, or to bring something for the entourage. Antics in front of the camera pleasure. Well, if you use a tripod, so no one is left aside. Think about how to better organize the table. A day out in the fresh air will make your stomach actively demand food. Therefore, foods should take care in advance. You can buy vegetables, various meats and fruits in order to have a picnic. And it is possible to approach this issue seriously, take the grill and the skewers all together and barbequing.Required attribute country gatherings - fire. And, of course, a General gathering wood in the forest before its cultivation. Near the fire you can continue the game, sing with a guitar or dance to the music from the speakers of the car. By the way, disco under open air is a good version of the end of the day.

Advice 2: What to do for the may holidays at the cottage with friends

A few holiday days in may to spend at the cottage. There you can cook barbecue from morning to evening, to have a leisurely conversation with friends, watch the twinkling stars on a clear night. Of course, you should make a shopping list and gather all the necessary for a comfortable stay at the cottage for several days.
What to do for the may holidays at the cottage with friends
Came to the country with the company, immediately start for the landscaping area, to then not be distracted from the fun and entertainment. Tidy house and a plot. Girls will be engaged in cleaning and preparing sleeping places, and men will take over the collection of waste and dry branches and their destruction in the fire.Now you need to start making kebabs, because it is one of the main advantages of giving – the ability to cook delicious food on an open campfire. Well, if you have an outdoor oven or grill, but to make a place for cooking meat a snap. Select a place away from the plants and wooden structures. Clear the patch for a fire, find some bricks or flat stones, put two walls where you will be putting the skewers.Type of dry twigs and build the fire, under shelter of the wood, when the branches will be burned. You can use ready-made charcoal, it will significantly accelerate the procedure of cooking barbecue. Meat is better to soak in advance, using someone's "signature" recipe. Make yourself comfortable in the nature with the convenience of take out dishes, food and warm clothes.For sure your friends are people who know how to play the guitar. Reason live music is better perceived in nature than CD records. The topic of conversation is not a problem for people who have long known each other.Getting up early in the morning not necessarily, if you are an avid fisherman. May the sun in the morning and a little lazy, sitting in the house or on the lawn. Men are quite capable of build a swing set for the girls. You can organize active games on the site, for example, badminton or volleyball.Someone likes chess, dominoes or checkers. But it is better to invent some special "country" entertainment. Make a hilarious stuffed two sticks and old things in abundance taken over the city. Paint the wooden toilet remnants of different colors, standing idle in the shed. Loans and other decoration of your site. It is not difficult, contrary, fun and exciting.My friends probably have a lot of ideas, which they enthusiastically accepted to implement. The evening start to cook the traditional barbecue with wine and song. This pastime is never boring, that's just the holidays are very quickly running out.

Advice 3: What to do with teenagers in the country

For many teenagers, a trip to the country turns into a handful. No computer, no Internet phone, and sometimes even TV shows instead of the normal image some noise. And all this is not a reason for entertainment Chad stretching to the Hacienda world wide web, or to install a dish satellite TV. In addition to weeding and watering, grown-up kids, you can take more interesting things.
A couple of rackets and a shuttlecock will provide a half-day of leisure

If the child spent in the same cottage for many years, probably got himself friends among the neighborhood children. That's just in the regular season they all seem to be too old for the usual games and even embarrassed each other. Even more difficult teenager, if my parents first took him to a holiday village. Anyone friends and build relationships is not as easy as kindergartners, who played in the sandbox for half an hour and already are. So parents, it is important to help the young generation. Just start knocking on doors, meet them yourself and find out if they have leisure for their children. Assemble on his land a large company and spend a few games for fun.


All players stand in a circle, one speaks its name. Standing next person repeats it and submitted myself. And so, while a long chain of names closes on the first party. To complicate the plot can be, if everyone would add to the name of any character. For example, bold Bob, a good Marina, funny Alex.

“The veil”

To check the first game can be fun. All the guys are divided into two teams. Two of the leading pull in between blankets or sheets. From each team to the veil out of one person and leading to the three lower barrier. Each player needs to remember the name of standing in front of a man, and call him. Who had first brought his team a point. Then the veil lifted, and to him go the following players.

Bereznikovskaya adolescents remains to teach the easiest games of his childhood – the hide and seek, dodgeball, cops and robbers, etc. Or offer to arrange a concert for other gardeners. It can be parodies of popular singers, the productions are popular kvnovsky jokes or a play, a play which the students compose yourself, if you tell them the story. For example, “the Wolf and the seven little kids 30 years later and the remake of “Pinocchio.” For the scene, highlight a porch or help to arrange curtain on a clean meadow, props collect in attics and old wardrobe. Makeup can be applied with gouache (it's easily washed off). Support entrepreneurial flair – allow children to draw posters and sell tickets for a symbolic price. Revenue they can then buy yourself a treat.

If the neighborhood children of suitable age not, we welcome out of town classmates daughter or son and their friends in sports clubs or music school. Look for options of the company at the weekend – colleagues with children, good neighbors, etc. lesson for the pair of three youths easy to find. Buy them badminton rackets: easy birdies, even a fortified piece of clay, will not cause damage to your garden beds and flower beds. More costly investment in leisure is purchasing the trampoline. This projectile will gladly spend time, even older teenagers. Finally, organize a small streetball court: reinforce the wall of the garage basketball Hoop. Students will be attracted to the opportunity to throw the ball around outside the house, "like a movie", because most of the young heroes of the American tapes spends his leisure time that way.

And do not forget to spend time with a grown child. Involve him into her adult company, for example, buying interesting Board games for evening entertainment.

Advice 4: Five important cases in the country in early summer

June is the time to gather and enjoy the first harvest, to pay attention to the vegetable garden, prepare your own fertilizer. In short, in June in the country many important things.

The holiday season

Collect radishes and salads

The day before collecting radishes well pour patch. Roots saturated with moisture and will be even juicier. To make radishes last longer, cut off the tops and tail. Cleaning salads start, when the sheet grades 6-9 leaves will appear, and the headed plug diameter reaches 5-10 cm Leaves (cabbages) cut to the ground.

Thin out the plants

Timely thinning vegetable crops contributes to a more rapid formation and development of roots, bulbs, leaf rosettes. So vegetables do not interfere with each other, between the plants-parsley salad leave a distance of 4-5 cm, carrot, onion and garlic 5-7 cm, beets and turnips 8-10 cm

Plant again

Selecting the site for re-sowing of radish, lettuce, fennel, and dig the ground with a bayonet spade, remove the weeds and make fertilizer. Sow the seeds at a depth of 1.5–2 cm Width between the rows of 8-10 cm If the weather is hot, before sowing the beds liberally pour, and then cover with a light non-woven material prior to emergence.

Feeding the flowers

After watering around the peonies, Phlox, iris, asters scatter the ashes at the rate of 1-2 cups per 1 square meter, then lightly loosen the soil. Under the roses make rotted manure, chicken manure (1 kg dilute in bucket of water). If manure no use of mineral fertiliser for roses or flowering plants.

Make compost

  • "Cold." Randomly lay in a heap (pit) organic waste: branches, leaves, food waste and so on. All of this will decompose and turn into compost for a year.
  • "Warm". Put layers: brown (branches, sawdust, hay, etc.), the "greens" (food scraps, weeds, leaves, etc.), accelerators of maturation (bird droppings, earth, etc.). This compost will be ready in 4-6 months.


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