Came to the country with the company, immediately start for the landscaping area, to then not be distracted from the fun and entertainment. Tidy house and a plot. Girls will be engaged in cleaning and preparing sleeping places, and men will take over the collection of waste and dry branches and their destruction in the fire.Now you need to start making kebabs, because it is one of the main advantages of giving – the ability to cook delicious food on an open campfire. Well, if you have an outdoor oven or grill, but to make a place for cooking meat a snap. Select a place away from the plants and wooden structures. Clear the patch for a fire, find some bricks or flat stones, put two walls where you will be putting the skewers.Type of dry twigs and build the fire, under shelter of the wood, when the branches will be burned. You can use ready-made charcoal, it will significantly accelerate the procedure of cooking barbecue. Meat is better to soak in advance, using someone's "signature" recipe. Make yourself comfortable in the nature with the convenience of take out dishes, food and warm clothes.For sure your friends are people who know how to play the guitar. Reason live music is better perceived in nature than CD records. The topic of conversation is not a problem for people who have long known each other.Getting up early in the morning not necessarily, if you are an avid fisherman. May the sun in the morning and a little lazy, sitting in the house or on the lawn. Men are quite capable of build a swing set for the girls. You can organize active games on the site, for example, badminton or volleyball.Someone likes chess, dominoes or checkers. But it is better to invent some special "country" entertainment. Make a hilarious stuffed two sticks and old things in abundance taken over the city. Paint the wooden toilet remnants of different colors, standing idle in the shed. Loans and other decoration of your site. It is not difficult, contrary, fun and exciting.My friends probably have a lot of ideas, which they enthusiastically accepted to implement. The evening start to cook the traditional barbecue with wine and song. This pastime is never boring, that's just the holidays are very quickly running out.