Sending children to the countryside on summer holiday, you should think about the pastime before cold urban nights, held at home. Children can, of course, to relax and play independently, but most often, completing a study of all the hidden corners of the garden, the child starts to get bored, not finding a cases for entertainment. Should consider the organization of summer leisure of young family members in terms of a country house.

Interesting musical idea for children's entertainment

Parents sign the child interest to everything from what we can extract sounds. The city is a music of an accordion and a baby piano, but in the village, do not take what had pall for the year at home, you can create a music wall. The child will captivate not only the process of its creation, but also the subsequent use of the invention.

To create your own musical orchestra won't need a supernatural something, on the contrary, you get to clean up a mess in the attic and in the barn. On the wall, adults must help to strengthen different old tin cups, pots and other items of kitchen utensils that have failed and not used for other purposes.

As shock sticks, you can use old spoons and ladles. Those items that have handles, it is possible not to fix to a vertical surface, and simply hang on nails, so the child can desire to change the items in places.

Aquatic adventures

Wall can be and water. Water children love more than the sound of music. To create such entertainment need plastic bottles, trim hoses, containers, buckets and a little ingenuity.

On the surface of the fence in the garden you can strengthen all these elements connecting them with hoses, and the bottom should be set buckets and containers. This wall is through the obstacle will be to pass water, which will fill the children themselves.

Game for accuracy

Compare in accuracy will be interesting to all family members and to make facilities for this entertainment. In preparation for the game, you should use balloons and any rump, which can be replaced with flour. The balls must be filled with any loose components, and securely clamped in place for inflating air.

After you have to prepare the target, they can be empty buckets and cans, and plastic bottles should also be something to fill. Made their own balls need to hit the target, getting points for it.