First we need to inspect the plants to check how they wintered. Is there any damage to the bark or dead branches. Damaged areas of bark cut and paint over garden pitch. Dead branches need to be trimmed.

In addition, you need to check the tool. Maybe something needs to be repaired or sharpened. And maybe all the tool you need to buy.

Already sharpened and tested tool to undertake the preparation of the soil. Future beds needed to dig and loosen. To make mineral and organic fertilizers. The ground around trees and shrubs must be cleaned from weeds and to loosen. And in no case can the land around the trees to dig. In the surface layer are the active roots.

It is essential to make nitrogen fertilizer, since nitrogen is a building material for a leaf. If the land in the country quite poor, it's good to make not only fertilizer of nitrogen, but also phosphorus and potassium.

In the may holidays, you can plant cold-resistant culture, as well as flowers and trees.

You can plant cucumbers. Before planting, it is useful to hold the cucumber seeds the hardening procedure. To do this, seeds are placed in moist cloth and put in refrigerator. To withstand them at temperatures of zero degrees for two days. After this procedure immediately put. It is necessary to dig holes and shed their warm water. Then put two beans cucumbers and cover with foil.

If there is a need to plant a few new shrubs or trees, you need not forget the basic rule is to buy seedlings if nurseries! On any markets or fairs is the probability of acquiring sick or poor quality seedlings.

We can say that the quality of carried out works in may will determine the quality of future crops. Therefore in may, you must perform with pleasure and joy. Then the harvest will be rich and useful.