Let's start with those parameters that do not affect your playing style. They are convenience of the handle and weight. Everything is simple and clear. The racket should be good to go to your hand. Regarding weight - you have to feel the racket, but there should be a sense that you're holding a kettlebell or boulder, although it is individual, maybe it's someone and like it.

We now turn to characteristics that directly affect and create the style of your game: control, spin and speed. To find these settings you can only by defining your play style, there are only three offensive, defensive and a mixture. However, the mixed level of the game involves the use of racquets, one side of which is coated with attacking the coating and on the other hand, protective. Defining your style, comfortable weight and convenient handle, you can move on to the selection of the three most important parameters.

Control is a fundamental parameter required for both offense and defense. The high rate of this characteristic will be useful to all. It depends mainly on the rubber spikes and their length on it. But this figure is physically contrasted with the speed, since with increasing speed decreasing control. Accordingly, this parameter must be at a sufficiently high level of the players who chose the side of protection or a mix that will allow them to recapture enough strong blows of the attacking players or to control a highly twisted beats defending.

Rotation - determines how much you will be able to spin the ball when playing. A large value of this feature is a must-have for people whose style or a mixture, but high values do not interfere, and the attacking side, if it is not to the detriment of speed.

The speed is a parameter that love aggressive people. Everything is simple. The higher the value, the higher the speed, so the enemy will be harder to beat this ball. Be careful, because the control and speed cannot be very high in single coverage, but speed without control is not too useful.

Now let's talk about the price, because it is an important parameter. If you are a beginner, do not chase performance. You quite like a conventional racket. If you are a lover, then look to the side of the racquets a little more expensive. They can be found on two or three stars. If you are a professional, then you know what to buy and where.