Scenario first. If you and friends decided to go to nature, bring a fun outdoor game. They will always be handy.
Take the rackets, balls, arrange sports competitions. Share into two teams and play team games, such as "Crocodile" or "Mafia". Also in recent time has gained popularity of different Board games.
Search the web for the intricate phrases or single words, the meaning of which no one knows of the players. Give everyone a paper and pen and ask them to write down your words. Then for a certain time, ask all participants to write their interpretation of these words so that everyone else will believe that it is true. In your list mark, who most believe players. Who managed to cheat, and he won. At the end read the true meaning of words.
A second scenario. Bring a guitar and in the evening arrange songs around the campfire. You can also organize a theme party or carnival. For this advance call up friends and ask them to collect a certain closet. Stock up on wigs, make mask.
You can arrange a contest of parodies with disguises. Here you can use all those handy tools.Write on slips of paper and hand out jobs to their friends. For example, parodied famous singers or actors so that others guessed. The one who guesses first, making a parody of the following.
Prepare small prizes, they can be even humorous. Think of the category, for example, "Miss Surprise" or "Mr. Clumsy".