You will need
  • - tomato seeds;
  • on the land;
  • - flower pots;
  • - organic fertilizer.
First, select the right variety of tomato. In urban apartments can grow not every one of them. First, the tomato sauce should be short and determinate (i.e., limited growth). "Minibel", "Garden pearl", "Cranberry in sugar", "Balcony miracle" plant, is derived from the seeds of these varieties, will not exceed 30-40 cm Indeterminate tomatoes for planting in the flower pots – tall plant just will not be able to harvest. If your apartment is not well lit Windows or large glazed balcony, take care of artificial lighting or choose thenewlayout varieties. The ripening "homemade" tomato – about 90-120 days after the appearance of sprouts from the ground.
Seeds soak in a solution of manganese for 24 hours. After antibiotic treatment put them in a box for seedlings. Not necessary to bury seeds deeply, gently push them in the ground and sprinkle on top – or will be seriously affected their germination. The seeds should be located at a distance of approximately 5-6 cm from each other. Suitable soil can be bought at the store or make your own by mixing 2 kg of the earth with 0.5 kg of peat. After landing avoid hypothermia seeds, indoor temperature should not fall below -18 ºc. After 4-5 days you will begin to appear the first shoots. The first two leaves before you pick you have to remove, so wait until the 4-5 true leaves. Then transplant young seedlings into pots with a volume of not less than 3 L.
Before flowering plant care involves watering twice a week and fertilizing with organic fertilizer. With the appearance of flowers on the tomatoes will have to take care of the crops themselves. You can pollinate plants with a brush or just periodically gently shake the stem of the tomato. As fruit can cease to fertilize the roots and slightly reduce the regularity of watering.