There is a list of No. 55 industrial goods of proper quality that cannot be returned to store. Make sure that you do not include your appliances in the list. References electrical machines and apparatus, photo - and video equipment, telephones, electronic musical instrument, electronic toys.
In that case, if you detect a malfunction, check list, No. 575. It lists appliances that can be returned to the seller only in case of significant technical problems. These include fatal failures or defects that can be corrected only with disproportionate expenses or time expenses. Substantial disadvantages are those which appear repeatedly even after repair.
The fridge and freezer, washing machine, computer with shortcomings that just cause you inconvenience to return or exchange you can't. In this case, there is only a free warranty repair. For example, when you think that the washing machine is too noisy to return or exchange it at the store will fail. And in that case, if it does not serve any purpose – not erases or blurs badly - is already possible to refer to the list No. 575.
When, after signing the act of acceptance or agreement, you brought the goods home and found a physical flaw – a crack or defect in the housing, a chip or a dent to prove it was not your fault, you most likely will not succeed. But you can order an independent examination which will prove what the defect is, for example, a month ago, and the technique acquired a week ago. This will become an argument for a refund.
Back of home equipment you can without packaging and without a receipt. The condition for this may well be a document on the purchase of goods. Testimony that you can present as proof of their purchase in court is usually not considered as sufficiently convincing argument. The contract or the warranty card issued – arguments more reliable.