The buyer's refund for the goods qualifies as a termination of the contract of purchase and sale. If you want to break the contract with the store for the reasons identified problem, you will need to write the corresponding application addressed to the Director.
In the address of the statement after the position of the head and names of outlets provide your name, residential address, passport details and contact phone number.
The text of the statement describe where and when you purchased the TV, enter your full name, brand. Describe the identified deficiency and present the request to return the amount paid, indicating the refund method: postal transfer, in cash through the cash shop or in your Bank account. In the latter case, write the details of the Bank and your account number for transfer the amount.
If the TV is under warranty, the store should make an examination of the marriage at their own expense. But if you are unsure of the integrity of the seller, after the detection of a malfunction, contact the nearest service centre and pay for an independent examination, the document on which you attach to your application for a refund. In this case, you have the right to require that the amount of compensation was increased at the cost of the expert opinion. Important: donating a TV to a service center for examination, in the application indicate that the repair you refuse.