You will need
  • - Documents on the refrigerator.
Refrigerators, like many other major household appliances, belong to the category of technically sophisticated products. This means that they are not subject to some legal acts related to the return of the goods. To start, make sure you have the necessary documentation: invoice, warranty card and so on.
In the case of a malfunction you have two options: contact the store or service center. Given the size and weight of a refrigeratorand the seller is obliged to take it from you and deliver to SP free. The problem is that the firm is not obliged to collect the goods momentary. If you don't want to wait a few days, then you take the fridge to the service center.
After checking the device you must issue a certificate stating that the refrigerator can not be repaired. Contact the conclusion in the store and ask to return the money paid for the goods, or exchange it for a similar model.
If the item is to be repaired, the seller is entitled to refuse to refund. The exception is a situation when the repair time is greatly delayed. If the refrigerator is in the service center more than thirty days, you can request replacement or money back.
If you purchased a refrigerator a remote way, for example have used the services of an onlinestoreand you may return the item within seven days of its receipt. Remember that this rule only works if you have not seen a specific instance of the product before processing the transaction. If you purchased a refrigerator in the onlinestoree organizations located in your town, and check its performance before payment, to return it within a week will not work.