You will need
  • - rod;
  • - dumbbell.
Take a starting position – sitting on the bench. Feet position shoulder width apart, feet parallel to each other. Grab dumbbells, palms turning inward to the body. When you inhale and bend your arm at the elbow, gradually turning the brush itself. Return to starting position. At the end of the movement breathe out. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times, alternating hands. So you use the upper section of the pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, biceps, shoulder and brachioradialis muscles.
For the following exercises stand up straight. Feet position shoulder width apart. Gently pick up the rod with the upper grip. Brush down. On the inhale slowly bend your arms lifting the barbell. Exhale – lower to starting position. Ensure that the back remains flat, not caved in. This exercise is effective at the elbow, long and short radial extensors of the wrist. Thus contributes to good development of shoulder and brachioradialis muscles.
When performing exercises flexion of the hands with the Griffon stand up straight. Feet position shoulder width apart. The Griffon take the lower grip. Hands down. When you inhale bend your elbows and lift the barbell. When you exhale – return to its original position. To focus load use different width grip. This exercise largely affects the flexors of the fingers, biceps, shoulder and brachioradialis muscles.
Remember: when you exercise the movement should be smooth, without jerks. Thus, you will be able to avoid injury. To reach the maximum result, the weights and number of sets of exercises with time should be increased. Use the advice coach. An experienced master will select for you an individual set for the development of the brachioradialis muscle.