You will need
  • car audio amplifier
  • - installation wiring kit
  • - a drill or screwdriver
  • - screwdriver
  • - side cutters
  • - duct tape
  • tester or continuity test
Select a location for the amplifier in the trunk. If the trunk is small, you can attach the amp to the rear seat backrest. In the back to carve a special niche, covered with fabric and the screws to attach the amplifier to the back.
The positive wire (thick, red) runs from the amplifier to the battery +12V. The black wire (sometimes brown) from the amplifier privertyvaetsja bolt anywhere on the metal body of the car. Disassemble the rapids of the car. Wire on and off the amplifier runs on the head unit (radio) the rapids on the left side under the dashboard and the radio. Radio pulled out. On the radio wire from the amplifier should be connected to the wire which when you turn on the radio you receive plus (blue or blue with white stripe).
From the amplifier high frequency, stretch wire ("tulips") to the radio. These wires transmit the signal from the radio to the amplifier and the amplifier magnifies and amplifies the signal and sends it to the speakers. Drawn from the amplifier wire the speakers: 1 double wire to each column. The wires on the amplifier to connect according to the diagram supplied with the amplifier. If you reverse the polarity of the wires, it will deteriorate the sound quality.