Select a location in the car where you install the subwoofer, and bring back power from car battery or cigarette lighter socket, observing polarity.
To adjust the power to the subwooferand install the capacitor by connecting it to a powered subwoofer. The presence of the capacitor will reduce too much load on the voltage across the power supply.
For connection to subwoofere use connector of type "Tulip" and screw terminal power contacts. Connect the subwoofer to the total power of the car, making sure that polarity is observed properly, and the condenser is installed properly, also, respecting the polarities.
Installing the subwoofer, set the subwoofer – limit its upper limit (days sales outstanding) by turning the corresponding knob on the subwooferE.
Also, if the subwoofere there is a button Phase, regulatory phase of the oscillation dynamics, leave it disabled, or enable to set the value of the phase fluctuations on the 180.
Try to achieve a harmonious combination of amplitude-frequency characteristics of your subwooferand speaker MIDs. Adjust the upper frequency the subwooferand so that features do not interfere with each other if the subwoofer includes the ability to adjust this parameter.
In addition to joining the active subwooferand you also have the option to install in the car passive subwooferif the radio does not support connecting an active device.