Select a specialty store for any of your car subwoofer. There are subwoofers with different number of windings from 1 to 4. But note that the number of windings does not significantly affect the sound quality. It is possible to allocate corpus models - they are very good and properly serve for a long time. Active subwoofers are easy to install, easy to configure and almost all are equipped with high-level inputs with which you can connect head units. But this type of subwoofers there is a serious flaw - none of the outputs built-in amplifier, i.e., if for some reason the sub down, it will become useless.
Remember: a place for quality installation depends on the type of your vehicle. At the bodywork of modern cars can be divided into three types: cars with a trunk (sedan); vehicles with an open body (convertible); machine with a trunk that is combined with beauty (universal). For each such modification of the salon has its own distinctive features when installing the subwoofer. So if you are the owner of the car type "sedan", installation will be a very long time.
You will need to connect a car subwoofer to a side wall or in the trunk. But in the cabin will be dominated by low frequencies. This feature is associated with acoustic shielding and vibration that occur directly in the body of the car of this type.
So if you want to hear more and other frequencies, will have to resort to some tricks. Install the subwoofer on the rear parcel shelf connection there will not be difficult. If you have a car type "universal", the acoustic system can be put in any place convenient for you.
Solder in the system line input and then plug the appropriate wires into the connectors (connect them by color). Then check the settings and sound; if you are satisfied, put the system in a designated area and enjoy the sound.