You will need
  • - video editor VirtualDub, freeware for
Open the video file that you want to make lighter in VirtualDub. Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+O or click File, then "Open video file..." from the main menu. Go to the directory with the video file, select it and click "Open".
How to make video lighter
Open the dialog to control the filters used during the processing of a video stream. Select the Video menu and the "Filters...". You can also press Ctrl+F.
How to make video lighter
Add a filter to change the brightness and contrast of the frames. Click on the "Add..." button. In the list of Add Filter dialog select brightness/contrast. Press the OK button. Automatically displays the parameters dialog of the filter.
How to make video lighter
Make video lighter. In the dialog, "Filter: brightness/contrast" click on Show preview. Displays the preview Filter preview. Using the slider and control buttons in this window, go to preview any frame to control the degree of the changes. In the configuration dialog for the filter settings, move the Brightness slider to the right until the image in the preview window will not be enough light.
How to make video lighter
Check the correctness of the set parameters of the filter. Go through the various video fragments in the main window of VirtualDub. Make sure that you're satisfied with.
How to make video lighter
Turn on the copy mode of the audio stream. Set the marker to the point Direct stream copy in the Audio tab of the main menu.
How to make video lighter
Select the mode full video processing. Check item Full processing mode Video section of the main menu.
How to make video lighter
Select and configure the encoder video stream. Press Ctrl+P or use the menu item Video and "Compression..." to display the dialog Select video compression. Select the desired codec. Click "Configure" to select the compression rate and other parameters. Click OK in all open dialogs.
How to make video lighter
Create a video, an image which is made lighter. Press F7 or in the application main menu, select File and "Save as AVI...". Specify name and directory to save the file in the displayed dialogue. Click "Save". Wait until the process of video encoding.
How to make video lighter