You will need
  • - Russified version of Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Launch graphic editor Adobe Photoshop and open the photo you: click the "File" menu, then "Open" (option quicker access to this command – Ctrl+O), select the file and click "Open".
Turn on the quick mask mode by pressing the button (rectangle with a circle inside), which is at the bottom of the toolbar, or just press the Q. Make a basic black color (D), activate the Brush tool and select a variety that the filling was solid, with no blurring around the edges of the cursor. So you prefer will work.
Paint over the object that is in the foreground. Bad areas can be shaded in white. To make it basic, you press X. Latin Despite the fact that black color is the main, fill, will be implemented by semi-transparent red is the color of the mask, it will not affect the final result.
When you are finished, press Q again to exit quick mask mode. The background highlights the "marching ants". This is the area that you will work in the future.
Click the menu item "Image > Adjustments" > "Shadows/Light". In the opened window we are interested in the field of "Light" and the "setting Effect", "the Width of the tonal range" and "Radius". Put a tick near the item "Display" and turn the sliders to these settings, trying to lighten the selected area according to your idea. After each change any of these settings, the background will change. Depending on the hardware resources of your computer it may take some time.
If you notice any inaccuracies you can correct it by returning to the quick mask mode (remember, it is called when you press Q).
To save the result, press Ctrl+Shift+S, select a location for the future work, give it a name, select type and click "Save".