Civil liability

Failure to pay child support, according to the Family code of the Russian Federation, threatened by constant visits of bailiffs with your ex "soulmate" at your place of residence.

Officers will not leave you alone at work. They will constantly call how to work cell phone and personal.

If you want to relax, for example, in Egypt, at the airport and will wait for the trouble: you are not allowed to leave the country until the debt is paid. Today airports are equipped with payment terminals where you can pay the debt, but remember that the payment process takes a long time (until you complete the required fields, the transfer of funds). And the plane will depart without you.

For systematic failure to pay child support face a penalty charge. The penalty is imposed for each overdue day in the amount of 0.5% of the amount installed of alimony.

With 2014 expected to make changes to the Russian Legislation increasing the penalty from 500 to 1000.

Also the Russian Government plans to Supplement the Code on administrative offences, arrest from 1 to 5 days, or corrective labor for a period of 6 months to a year. And daddy (sometimes mommy), suffering from addiction, alcoholism will be forced to be treated in special institutions.

If you have a large debt, be prepared for the fact that your property may be seized.

Currently solves a question on a new method of influence on debtors – deprivation of a driver's license.

Also discusses the increase in age, until the child of which the debtor will have to pay child support.

Criminal liability

In accordance with article 157 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation citizens who refuse to pay maintenance can be criminally prosecuted.

In this case, the evasion should be understood:

- failure to pay child support more than four months,

- refusal to employment in the employment center,

- intentional concealment of real income.

Criminal liability does not absolve the debtor of the obligation to pay alimony.

In respect of a defaulter shall apply the following measures:

- corrective works for the term up to 180 hours,

- compulsory work for a period of one year,

- arrest for the term up to 3 months.

In the new bill which is under consideration of the Government of the Russian Federation, is expected to toughen criminal penalties for failure to pay child support. MPs propose to increase the period of forced labor and seizure.