You will need
  • - Photoshop
  • image to work
If you want to blur the background, open the photo in Photoshop and create a duplicate of the base layer (Duplicate layer).
In the layers panel select the new layer, go to "Filter" (Filter) - "Blur" (Blur) - "the Gaussian Blur" (Gaussian Blur). Select the value that suits you. The blur is hardly noticeable, or Vice versa strong.
Staying on the same layer, add a mask: "Layers" (Layer) - "Layer mask" (Layer-mask) - Show all (Show all). Use the Eraser tool. Walk them on an object that should be sharp. The result is a clear object in the foreground and the blurred layer. Merge the layers and save the image in the desired format.
As in <strong>photoshop</strong> to make everything blurry
To make a blur effect, as when driving in the picture with the car, open the image. Select the car using the Lasso tool (Lasso) or "Rectangular lasso" (Polygonal Lasso). Move the highlighted car on a new layer: "Layers" - "New" - "copy to new layer".
Push the effect to the main layer, Background layer. Go to "Filter" (Filter) - "Blur" (Blur) - "motion Blur" (Motion blur). Specify the desired value. Get the car on the blurred background, as in high speed.
As in <strong>photoshop</strong> to make everything blurry
To create around the image frame with the blurred edges, like old photos, open a picture in the program and using the rectangle select tool restrict the Central part of the photograph, is somewhat smaller in size than the photo itself.
As in <strong>photoshop</strong> to make everything blurry
Press The Select (Select) – Modify (Modify) – "Feather" (Feather). In the opened window, select the feather radius.
Invert the selection: "Selection" (Select) "Reverse" (Inverse).
The main color on the palette, select the color you wish to predominate on the edges. Press the Delete key. The frame becomes shaded and in the direction of the edges will move in the selected color, in this case white.
As in <strong>photoshop</strong> to make everything blurry