You will need
  • Фото, Adobe Photoshop
You can blur the picture completely or partially. If you leave a small area of the photo clear, it can add a lot of expressiveness. Open your desired photo in Adobe Photoshop and duplicate the layer "background". Name the copy "1". This layer is designed to work.
We'll use the blur tool. It is in the tools menu, and icon its looks like a drop. Set the intensity to 100%, if you are going to very much blur the photo. If your goal is a light blur – reduce the intensity of the tool. For larger areas, take a large brush size. If you need to study the fine details, select a smaller brush size. The process of blurring is very simple: we need the tool guide to the places you want them to be less clear.
If you are going to blur the not entirely, but only partially, make sure that in the end the photo didn't look disgusting. Do all movements with a brush very carefully. After a few minutes the result is ready. Save the resulting image. Now your photo looks more interesting and artistic.
If you blurred the photo too much, do not try to fix errors tool "sharpness". It will only ruin your work completely. Cancel. However, if you have already done something wrong and cancel is impossible, then you will have to remove the layer "1". Will have to create a new copy of the layer "background" and do it all over again. This time be careful.