Advice 1: How to make a photo clearer in Photoshop

The lack of definition is a common defect in terms of when to photograph the falls from the hands and also the camera of my smartphone. You can try to eliminate or minimize this disadvantage of the photo using any graphics editor. In Adobe Photoshop, there are a couple of ways, the easiest of which is to apply filters from the group of "sharpening".
How to make a photo clearer in Photoshop
Run the GUI editor, and then load the desired picture.
Create a duplicate layer containing the original image. Copy layer by clicking the right mouse button on its row in the layers panel and selecting "duplicate layer", or simply pressing ctrl + j.
Open in Adobe Photoshop menu section Filter, and in this subsection "sharpening". Select "Smart sharpen..." - this paragraph reveals the version of the filter with the most complete set of options.
Check the box to "Advanced" to add to the main settings two tabs ("Light" and "Shadow") that contains the installer for the brightly-lit and shaded elements of the picture.
Pick the most effective settings on the tab "sharpening" by moving the sliders in the fields of "Effect" and "Radius". The impact of changes to the image quality control image preview in the same window. Check, how will it affect the sharpness of your photos by applying filters from the drop-down list "Delete".
Switch to the tab "Light" and using three sliders to adjust the settings on the tab "sharpening", for areas with enhanced brightness. Then do the same on the tab "Shadow" to dark areas.
Click OK, and the graphics editor applies the enhancement filter definition image to a layer with a duplicate of the uploaded photos.
Try alternatively to use other filters from the section "sharpening" - they use the same methods of sharpening, but have more narrow ranges of settings or only apply to certain areas of the photo. To do this, create another duplicate of the original layer, as described in the second step, and experiment with it. If necessary, this layer can be removed by right-clicking and selecting the menu item "Remove layer".
Save the photo with the changes. To call up the save dialog you can use the ctrl + s key combination. If you want to first optimize the image (to choose the optimal ratio between image quality and file size), use the combination shift + ctrl + alt + s.

Advice 2 : How to make the image clear in photoshop

Often very interesting frames have to remove due to the fact that they blurred. At the moment the shutter of the photographer hands trembling almost imperceptibly, and this can lead to smearing and blurring. But you can correct this problem by using Adobe Photoshop. Using simple tools, you'll save the, and you don't have to put in the basket.
How to make the image clear in photoshop
You will need
  • Photoshop and camera RAV
The easiest way to fix the lack of definition of those who use digital SLRs and shoots in RAW format. Open the picture in Adobe Camera RAW (plug-in photoshop for working with images Rav-format) and move the Clarity slider to achieve the desired result. This will give the General appearance of the photo more definition. Do not overdo it, since too increasing this figure, you risk to make a photo rough. Additionally, in the next tab, you can slightly move the slider of "Sharpness". This tool makes it more clear fine details such as hair, iris of eyes, etc. But remember that increasing the sharpness, you can increase the noise. So try to find a balance between these two indicators.
Those who shoots in JPG format, you can use the tools "sharpening" in the menu "Filter" of the program Adobe Photoshop. In this group there are five tools. It is difficult to say which of them you better use it. Try each of them to apply for a new copy of the original layer, and then choose the most attractive to you.
Another way to increase the clarity of the picture is the use of the filter "Color contrast". Create a copy of the original layer and select it. Select the menu item "Filter – Other – Color contrast". Displays filter settings window. Drag the slider to your desired location (I recommend to do several layers with different settings, then to select the best of them). Change the layer blend mode to "Overlay", "Soft light" or "Hard light". Adjust the layer transparency. Your image was not only sharper ,but also more colorful and contrasting.
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