You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • image.
Open the picture, the edge of which you want to blur in a graphics editor. Option Layer from Background Layer menu to unlock the image. If necessary, add the file to the layer, which will play the role of the background. This can be done in options group's New Fill Layer menu Layer. To obtain a layer filled with color, select Solid Color, Gradient option will give you a gradient background, and a Pattern layer with a texture. Move the background under the picture, using the option Send to Back group Arrange menu Layer.
Go to the layer with the picture and turn on the Erazer Tool. Reduce the amount of Hardness in the brush options of this tool. This can be done by opening the Brush Tip Shape tab of the Brushes palette. Swipe the edges ofm images of a configured brush.
A similar effect can be obtained by editing the layer mask use a soft black brush. This method of creating a shading on the edge of thex image will work, if you need to save the layer file with the original version of the picture. Unlike the Erazer tool, which erases part of the picture, the mask will make some pixels transparent without removing them.
Option Reveal All Layer Mask groups menu, create a Layer mask on the layer with the picture. Turn on the Brush tool and set its brush in the same way as the Eraser tool. Click on the layer mask and paint its edges with black.
To create smooth boundaries blur, highlight part of the image using Elliptical Marquee Tool, Rectangular Marquee Tool or the Polygonal Lasso. Option Feather menu Select settings feather and enter its value. Invert the blurred Inverse selection option menu and Select remove layer from the edge with the option Clear the Edit menu.
If you prefer not to make the image of irreversible changes, add a mask to the layer with the feathered selection. Pour the mask into the blurred area with black color, applying Paint Bucket Tool.
Feather on the edgex layer can be obtained by using a gradient fill mask. To do so, activate the Gradient Tool and select Radial Gradient in the panel under the main menu. Fill in the mask with a radial gradient from white to black. If the center of the casting is obtained is not white and black, then set the gradient option Reverse.
Save edited image option Save As from the File menu in a jpg file. If you want to image with a translucent shaded area, hide the visibility of the background layer and select to save the png format.